J2 Interactive

We help organisations to interact online.

We have been working with organisations across the UK since 2001, and have helped to pioneer many techniques now commonly employed by government agencies as part of their interactive strategy.  As one of the UK’s leading web G2C (Government To Citizen) specialists, we continue to work with many  organisations to solve the challenges of  designing, building and running large scale web content management systems.

Barrow Shipyard Workers circa 1900

We remember Web 1.0

J2 brings new and effective approaches to content management and universal usability and fresh ideas about how to use digital channels to inform, educate, persuade, encourage and transact – how to engage people to think and act.

We invite you to explore the blog, download our newest Alterian case study and read what some of our clients say about us.  We hope you find the website of value and would welcome any feedback or ideas you may have.